We’re very familiar with the pressures modern sports organisations are under to deliver more for less.

By combining industry insight with technology know how, we offer our clients a number of innovative, time saving and revenue generating solutions to all sports.

By providing agile and easy to use solutions we help them unlock the full potential of their organisation.

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Our own, bespoke, proprietary Tour Management Software is unlike any other package currently in the market place. Constantly evolving, our turnkey solution is the perfect engine to drive any high performance sport.

With unique functionality, our software solutions are 100% cloud based meaning they can be accessed by users wherever they are in the world at any time. This makes our software the perfect solution for the fast paced, fluid world of modern sports administration. Highly encrypted, highly secure, robust and easy to use, our solutions will even perform extremely well on slow or poor connectivity.

Scoring Products & Solutions

As you would expect from a sector leading company at the cutting edge of technology, we offer a number of innovative and scalable live and non-live scoring solutions that are ideal for every sporting environment…big or small.

Our solutions are bespoke to suit particular requirements and are often white labelled to offer our partners a consistent brand message. All our scoring products have the ability to transmit scores and results in real time for TV production as well as power websites.

Scoring Products & Solutions

Our products have powered scoreboards, TV feeds, and websites for high profile international events. They are designed with the end user in mind, and are robust, reliable and importantly very easy to use, providing the ultimate user experience.

Increasingly important in the modern sports arena is the collection of performance statistics (Stats). At OCS Sport we understand the importance of this and the analysis that goes behind it. That’s why we’ve developed our own bespoke solutions to capture all relevant performance statistics as well as providing the analytical tools.


We are uniquely positioned within the world of sport to offer a consultancy service that looks at all areas of any organisation. We work with partners to identify their most critical business challenges and provide the strategy and the tools to transform their organisation.

Our high level experience and expertise will ensure your organisation will maximise its full potential. Working alongside your staff we’ll make sure the change process has the minimum impact on day to day business but delivers the maximum result. OCS will provide you with the best advice and support to drive your business forward.

It’s a win, win situation.


Each website is specifically built with navigation and speed in mind to meet the needs and demands of our partners. Our innovative team of in-house specialists ensure that our websites are at the cutting edge of design and equipped to deal with the mobile, “on the move” world we live in.

We offer a full range of packages from fully managed services in-house to admin friendly packages where our partners can manage and update locally.