OCS – Technology partner to world golf.

OCS has always been at the cutting edge of technology. To enable a tournament admin to click the “Suspend Play” button and within 0.10 seconds tell every connected user globally that the play has been suspended is an example of choosing the right technology to achieve the desired user experience.  User experience being the key word.

Too many organisations allow their digital products to become akin to school projects. Golf itself is littered with website deployments that had to be rolled back due to poor planning, execution and most of all a lack of capabilities in delivering digital products that are end user focused. This is no surprise when you consider the main function of a golf tour is to deliver events for players to compete and fans to enjoy. They are not technology companies and golf is not a sport of great technology like Formula 1 for example, so the sport itself can’t drive the technological change required.

What OCS set out to achieve was to remove the need for our partner golf tours to think about technology and the myriad integrations that a seemingly simple product can entail. To achieve this we have a cloud based business model, like google, Netflix and Amazon. You pay for the digital products not all in one go, but